Did you all notice? Lee Honey, who is about to give birth, has revealed the gender of her baby

Actress Lee Honey is about to welcome her baby next month.

Lee Honey is receiving a lot of attention by revealing her daily life on SNS during the later days of her pregnancy.

In this regard, she is attracting attention by indirectly revealing the gender of her upcoming baby with a single photo.

Lee Honey unveiled her childbirth gift on her Instagram story on May 10th.

There were various kinds of items, from strollers to bags and shoes. In particular, a children’s clothing brand also sent her some gifts, which are a dress and a flower-patterned bodysuit, suggesting that the gender of Lee’s child is a girl.

Lee married a businessman in December last year. She said she was already five months pregnant at the time of her wedding.

Lee Honey is scheduled to give birth sometime between late May to early June. She is now committed all her time to prenatal care.


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