Idol-actress IU used to beg her company to get plastic surgery but was rejected due to a surprising reason.

IU hated one feature on her face so much, that she wanted to have plastic surgery.

When it comes to Korea’s most beloved idol, the nation’s little sister IU totally takes the stage with her small and cute visuals. Ever since her debut, IU’s beauty hasn’t changed and instead has only grown more chic and gorgeous. 

However, in the past, the idol-actress used to be so displeased with her face that she wanted plastic surgery. This was revealed by IU herself when she appeared on the TV show “Night By Night” in 2011, who shared that she begged the company to let her fix her small and short nose. “My agency didn’t want me to do plastic surgery at all, but I was dying for a nose job. It was my life-long mission, begging them.“

IU’s visuals exude innocent charms with her fair skin, small face, large eyes, and a very cute líp. The idol-actress even earned the title of “nation’s little sister”.
Yet, IU wanted to get a nose job to fix her small nose and low nose bridge. 

However, all of IU’s efforts came to naught as she was rejected by… the plastic surgeon. “The doctor said my skin was too thin, so my nose could only get 1mm higher at most. I was super disappointed and could only reluctantly go home,” the idol-actress said. 

At this revelation, fans can’t help but be glad for IU, since she is already super cute and beautiful in their eyes. Despite reaching her 30s and having worked in the industry for 14 years. IU still looks as youthful as day one. 

IU’s thin skin made it impossible for her to get plastic surgery for her nose.
IU’s nose is actually a unique feature of the artist and makes her stand out among others.
The small nose makes IU look naive and doll-like. 
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