Hidden Meaning Behind The Slow Progress Of BLACKPINK’s Contract Renewal

Discussions on BLACKPINK’s contract renewal are still going on

BLACKPINK celebrated their 7th debut anniversary on August 8th and successfully wrapped up their world tour “BORN PINK” with the finale concert on the 16th and 17th. While some raised concerns that the concert might be BLACKPINK’s last performance as a whole group, many others expressed a positive opinion about the contract renewal, pointing out the big profits BLACKPINK would earn from the group’s name due to the rise in their IP value after the world tour.


Since BLACKPINK’s contract renewal has been a hot issue, public attention was naturally focused on the members’ final talks at their Gocheok finale concert. Jisoo shared, “Thank you BLINKs for making many good memories with us. Many thoughts came to my mind while performing on the stage today. I’m glad we could finish the concert safely.”. Rosé said, “This is our second world tour and I feel like I’ve become one with BLINKs while going to different places throughout the year. I’m very happy”. Lisa confessed, “We wouldn’t have done it all without BLINKs. Thank you for always supporting us and enjoying the shows until the end. BLINKs have given us many great experiences. Thank you for making my 20s shine”. Lastly, Jennie said, “I want to tell the members that they did a great job. Thank you BLINKs for always supporting us. We will continue to be a cool and amazing group BLACKPINK.”

In fact, looking at the previous case of Big Bang and 2NE1, YG has never officially announced the renewal of its artists. Whether the artist renewed their contract or not, it would never be announced in an official statement. However, apart from the fact that BLACKPINK members already talked about “keeping the BLACKPINK title” earlier this year, rumors about their next moves also emerged one after another before the Chuseok holiday.

First of all, there have already been two speculations about the only foreign member Lisa not renewing her contract with YG. In the meantime, rumors of Lisa dating Frédéric Arnault, son of LVMH’s Chairman and CEO of TAG Heuer also circulated and further added strength to the possibility of Lisa leaving YG. In addition, Lisa was also seen heading overseas for her individual schedules without YG’s manager recently.

As the media reported that only Rosé extended her contract while Jennie and Jisoo established their own companies, YG emphasized their position that BLACKPINK’s contract renewal and future activities were still in discussion.

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Amid the confusion of the contract renewal issue, the members have consistently released photos and videos together and showed off their strong friendship. Jisoo said BLACKPINK laughed a lot when talking about the rumors of the members’ discord, Rosé uploaded a Sydney Vlog video filmed with Jisoo. In a recent interview, Jennie hinted at her solo album, raising fans’ curiosity about whether she would release new music under YG or a new agency.

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Regardless of their decision to renew contracts or not, it is clear that BLACKPINK and YG are still negotiating. It is said that both sides are discussing ways to reach the best agreement. It is understood that all the members don’t agree with the collapse of BLACKPINK IP even if they move to new places or establish their own companies.

Source: Daum

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