Korean Group Which Got BTS’ RM To Feature Their Song Is Introduced By New York Times As “Breaking KPOP Rules”

The New York Times introduced the 11-member group Balming Tiger in an article on January 30 (local time), saying that these musicians are challenging the idea that K-pop is just about boy and girl groups that shows sophisticated and perfectly synchronized dance.

Balming Tiger

In 2022, their song “SEXY NUKIM,” featuring RM of the group BTS, attracted attention as it topped Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart. In October last year, they released their first full-length album “January Never Dies” and held a world tour concert around Europe, Asia and America until the end of the year.

The New York Times pointed out that their way of working is different from that of most K-pop groups, which operate according to the plans of large management companies. Usually, K-pop group members pass auditions of these agencies and undergo rigorous training for several years and thorough management such as diet, but Balming Tiger seeks “alternative” ways for their formation to activities.

Balming Tiger

Named after “Tiger Balm,” Baming Tiger started out as a party crew planning events with DJs. The members create music, videos, and dances by themselves across various genres such as hip-hop, dance, and electronica. For example, the main dance move of Baming Tiger’s song “Buriburi” is to stretch your arms to the side and shake your hips from side to side. “This is not something that professional choreographers will come up with,” said member Omega Sapien, “and it’s organic from us.”

Baming Tiger emphasized that their music is also part of K-pop since all music from Korea is K-pop. However, they said they do not think they are “idols.” “Actually, the fact that we are not perfect makes us more attractive,” said Sogumm, the vocalist. “I hope people look at us beyond the frame of being pretty and handsome and that cool K-pop. We want to be an entity that appeals to diverse audiences.”

Omega Sapien also said that he hopes Baming Tiger’s work will broaden the horizons of K-pop. “K-pop has the strength to break through the market. We’re adding another level to it. This will be a legend and an asset for our future generations.”

Source: Wikitree

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