The actress who was cast as “Lee Yeon Hee’s rival” draws attention since she’s too pretty

An actress who has been appearing in “Gaus Electronics” has a lot of things to celebrate

Actress Ko Sung Hee, who is appearing in the seezn drama “Gaus Electronics”, is working hard by showing off new charms that she has never shown before, performing in all directions and calling for a hot response.

ko sung hee Gaus Electronics”

In episodes 9 and 10 of “Gaus Electronics”, Cha Na Rae (Ko Seong Hee) gradually accepts her feelings and the fact that she’s attracted towards Lee Sang Sik (Kwak Dong Yeon), and new stories unfold with the two struggling to hide their relationship in the office.

From being confused and feeling conflicted about her feelings for Lee Sang Sik to falling for him, actress Ko Sung Hee exuded great immersion and showed detailed facial expressions, alongside slapstick-like acting.

ko sung hee

Ko Sung Hee, who showed dynamic acting through this “Gaus Electronics”, is making the charm of Cha Na Rae’s character even more enriching by adding her sensual fashion and improved visuals.

Netizens who saw the broadcast responded enthusiastically and left comments such as “ This is the rediscovery of Ko Sung Hee”, “I really fell in love with her”, “I am in love with her wardrobe”, and “Na Rae’s common sense forever”. 

ko sung hee

Born in the US in 1990, Ko Sung Hee grew up in both Korea and the US and is fluent in Japanese as well as English. 

In 2013, she played the role of Japanese flight attendant Minamito who was not good at Korean in Ha Jung Woo’s directorial debut movie “Fasten Your Seatbelt”, and was mistaken for a real Japanese. 

ko sung hee miss korea

Ko Sung Hee was selected to become a member of a girl group before her acting debut, but decided against it, saying, “If I start as a singer first, it can be a shortcut to acting, but I thought it would be good to step on the path of an actress step by step even that means starting from small roles.”

In December of the same year, Ko Sung Hee was selected as the rival of the lead actress Lee Yeon Hee in the MBC drama “Miss Korea”, playing the character of Kim Jae Hee, who is quiet but arrogant and dignified, and earned great response. 

ko sung hee miss korea

At the press conference for the drama production, Ko Sung Hee said, “Lee Yeon Hee is so pretty that I can’t match with her in terms of appearance. However, she also revealed her aspiration by saying, “Nevertheless, I will show Kim Jae Hee’s unique charm.”

Ko Sung-hee

Since then, the actress has appeared in various dramas such as MBC’s “Diary of a Night Watchman”, KBS 2TV’s “SPY”, OCN’s “My Beautiful Bride”, SBS’ “While You Were Sleeping”, tvN’s “Mother”, KBS2 TV’s “Suits”, SBS’ “Ms. Ma, Nemesis” and movies such as “Trade Your Love” and “A Year-End Medley”. 

She also appeared in the Netflix series “My Holo Love” and Tv Chosun’s “Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny”, and most recently, “Gaus Electronics”.

Ko Sung-hee

On the other hand, back on October 17th, Ko Sung Hee’s agency announced the actress’ marriage, saying, “Ko Sung Hee is getting married to a non-celebrity lover in November. She’s quietly preparing for the wedding as her partner is not a public figure, and the ceremony is planned to be held privately“.

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