Flight attendant-turned actress who was fired by airline and debuted in the entertainment industry after she competed in Miss Korea 

Story of a famous actress who suddenly became unemployed because of the airline’s rules in the past has been unveiled. 

Flight attendants around the world in fancy uniforms are admired by many people. In order to become a flight attendant, there are many skills that one must learn. They have to go to academies, go on a diet, and prepare various things. 

lee seung yeon

The story of a Korean female star who was forced to resign even though she successfully became a flight attendant, her dream job, has been recently revealed.

She is actress Lee Seung Yeon, who is best known for her lead role in the 1996 drama “First Love”. 

On November 4th, during her guest appearance on TV Chosun’s “Huh Young Man’s Food Travel”, Lee Seung Yeon was asked by Huh Young Man about how she became a celebrity.

lee seung yeon miss korea

Lee Seung Yeon was originally a Korean Air flight attendant. At the time, her hairdresser suggested she enter Miss Korea as a contestant.

At this recommendation, Lee Seung Yeon competed in the 1992 Miss Korea pageant, and climbed to the third place, gaining much attention from the Korean public. 

lee seung yeon

However, at the airline where Lee Seung Yeon worked at that time, if her face became known widely, she could no longer work for them. As a result, due to the company’s strict rules, Lee Seung Yeon suddenly lost her job. 

Lee Seung Yeon said, “When I thought my life was over, an offer to be a broadcast reporter arrived. That’s how I started working in the entertainment industry and started acting.”

lee seung yeon

Since her debut in the entertainment industry, Lee Seung Yeon has established herself as a fashionista. 

Lee Seung Yeon said that when she starred in MBC’s “Cinderella”, she wore very little makeup, and had her hair permed at a local beauty salon. Since she didn’t receive professional styling before appearing on TV, her bangs kept falling down without being fixed.

lee seung yeon

Lee Seung Yeon was bothered by her flowing bangs, so she tied a handkerchief to her head during the filming and appeared on TV like that. Since then, her style has become very popular among many Korean women.

After her departure from the airline, Lee Seung Yeon had a hard time. When the story of her great success as an actress became known, it drew admiration. 

lee seung yeon

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Yeon, born in 1968 and turns 55 this year, graduated from the Department of Aviation Operations at Inha Technical College.

At 170 centimeters and 49 kilograms according to her profile, Lee Seung Yeon is showing off a perfect beauty even in her mid-50s. In addition, she not only has outstanding visuals but also solid acting.

Lee Seung Yeon caught the attention when she appeared on MBC’s “The Secret House”, which ended on October 10th and showed off her excellent acting.

Source: insight

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