Zhang Yixing to take legal actions against online trolls after being rumored to “get a fan pregnant”

Zhang Yixing’s studio announced that it has entrusted lawyers to handle those who spread false rumors, affecting the male artist.

On November 5, a rumor claiming that “an A-list male star slept with a fan and got her pregnant” was spread by a blogger with 900,000 followers and created a stir in Chinese online communities. Accordingly, the male celebrity in question is rumored to be someone with a 3-letter name, was born in the 90s, and represents many brands.

One of the male artists suspected by Chinese netizens is Zhang Yixing (EXO’s Lay), since the details in the rumor are quite “well-matched” to him. Zhang Yixing was born in 1991, is currently the brand ambassador for Valentino and a spokesperson for Chaumet.

However, earlier today, Zhang Yixing’s studio released an official statement regarding the accounts that spread false rumors about him: “False and malicious rumors about Zhang Yixing have seriously violated his rights of reputation.” The studio claimed to have found the IP addresses of two specific users who make up negative rumors, and warned those involved to immediately take down false remarks about Zhang Yixing.

Zhang Yixing’s studio released a statement after the male artist was dragged into false online rumors 
Zhang Yixing’s studio released a statement after the male artist was dragged into false online rumors 

Zhang Yixing’s studio also announced that they have entrusted all rights to lawyers to handle, complete the collection of evidence, and carry out legal proceedings against those who spread rumors.

The quick and decisive resolution of Zhang Yixing‘s studio has received a positive response from his fans, who believe that internet trolls who spread false rumors should be prosecuted. 

Some comments from netizens:

  • That’s great, I knew it wasn’t him from the start
  • I told you Lay only stayed at home with his 4 cats, of course it wasn’t him
  • I always have faith in Lay, not once do I have to doubt him whenever there are new rumors
  • If his dating news is published, fans would still be happy for him, but sadly, he’s still single! 
  • The rumor spread by that blogger is originally not related to Zhang Yixing, but there are people who deliberately hint at him.


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