What TWICE Jeongyeon did during her break and her latest update before going to the U.S for the concert tour drew admiration

Jeongyeon is indeed an angel.

A heartwarming story about TWICE Jeongyeon has recently been told. Jeongyeon, who caused fans to worry because of her health condition, brought home an abandoned dog and took good care of it during her break.

Jeongyeon and actress Gong Seung-yeon, who are sisters, adopted an abandoned dog named Yuki from Ansung Animal Care Center and took care of him. At that time, Yuki was about 5 months old. Due to a skin disease, he almost had no hair.

TWICE Jeongyeon

Looking at the pictures taken when he first came to Jeongyeon’s house on December 22nd last year, Yuki looked scared and was almost hairless. However, thanks to Jeongyeon’s warm love and care, Yuki regained his health and is now growing into a beautiful puppy. Yuki also gained back his emotional stability after becoming “best friends” with “Ddangkong (Peanut)” at Jeongyeon’s house.

According to Instagram photos released by Jeongyeon, who is currently performing a concert tour in the U.S, the female idol bathed Yuki herself and dried his fur just before leaving for the shows.

Seeing Jeongyeon’s photo with Yuki, fans sent lots of supportive messages, saying, “Jeongyeon’s heart is so beautiful”, “She really has a warm heart. I hope you will gain back your health. I want to see you with an appearance that is more energetic than before”, etc.

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