Kpop stars at YSL Beauty event: aespa and Kai stole the show, NewJeans Danielle’s questionable hairstyle

On January 18th, various Kpop stars made their stunning appearances at a recent event held by YSL Beauty.

On the afternoon of January 18th, various Kpop stars appeared at the YSL Beauty’s pop-up store event in Seoul, Korea. To fit the image of the brand, all idols were dressed in a gorgeous black, and drew a lot of attention. EXO Kai, in particular, became a hot topic with his flawless skin. 

aespa drew attention with their youthful yet bold image, with all 4 member cladded in mini-dresses and high heels. While NingNing, Giselle, and Karina revealed their sexy shoulders, Winter’s dress donned a vest collar with waist cut-out. All outfits fit aespa like a dream. 
aespa ningning
aespa giselle
aespa karina
aespa winter
The 4 female idols under SM Entertainment truly did not disappoint with their stunning visuals. With natural makeup and nude-tone lipstick, yet their skin seems to be glowing under the flashlight. 
newjeans Danielle
newjeans Danielle
Meanwhile NewJeans Danielle adopted an all-black menswear outfit that makes her look more mature. With her long legs and slim body, the female idol flaunted the oversized outfit with confidence. This is a complete contrast to her normal sweet and princess-like image during NewJeans promotions. 
newjeans Danielle
However, many netizens find Danielle’s hairstyle at the event to be questionable, and called the long wolf cut “messy” and “disheveled”. As the female idol is already dressed black from head to toe, the hairstyle makes her look boxy instead of highlighting her usual beauty. 
EXO kai
EXO Kai embraces a classic chicness with his full black suit and silver accessory. His bangs were also parted, revealing the male idol’s forehead and adding a flair of masculinity and modernity. 
EXO kai
EXO kai
At the same time, netizens couldn’t help but admire Kai’s fair and flawless skin, which was depicted perfectly via close-up shots
Seong Hae Eun
News announcer Seong Hae Eun also appeared at the YSL Beauty event. Dressed in a black crop top and flared trouser, yet she looked extremely cute with her poses. 

Source: k14

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