Jessi, “I’m looking for a husband. I wouldn’t date anyone in the entertainment industry”

Singer Jessi talked about dating and marriage.

Singer Jessie appeared on the podcast “Fun With Dumb” hosted by Dumbfoundead on July 13th.

On the broadcast, Jessi confessed, “To be honest, I’m suffering a burnout these days. I had to make too many decisions, like performing on shows and switching companies”.

Emphasizing that “love” is what she focuses on the most at the moment, the female singer said, “It was last year, around the time when I was doing the European tour, that’s when I felt like I lost myself. That’s when I realized, ‘This is the time when I need to really get back to my sense and figure out my life and who my people are and my surroundings”.

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She continued, “I’m 34 now and I can do whatever I want. I’m trying to find love now. I want to have a child but I haven’t met any man yet. But I think I can do it”. Jessi confessed that she wants to find a husband and make a family, but she is also considering freezing her eggs.

When asked if she wanted to date someone in the entertainment industry, Jessie firmly replied, “Absolutely not. I wouldn’t date anyone in this industry”. She added, “I’m looking for a guy who supports me without jealousy and can give me a good first impression”.

Jessi also revealed that she had dated seven men in the past and all the relationships lasted for a long time.

Meanwhile, Jessi and Dumbfoundead responded to the rumors of them having a romantic relationship back in 2017, saying “We recently broke up”. 

Jessi released numerous hit songs, such as “ZOOM”, “What Type of X”, “Cold Blooded”, etc., and appeared on several entertainment shows, such as tvN’s “Sixth Sense” and MBC’s “Hangout with You”. 

Source: Naver

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