NewJeans Hyein’s talent in Korean traditional dance is drawing huge attention 

A past video of NewJeans’ youngest member Hyein, who excellently performed a Korean traditional dance, has been revealed.

Recently, a video containing NewJeans Hyein’s past appearance was posted on an Instagram account of a dance academy. 


In the video, Hyein can be seen wearing a pink knitted T-shirt and a white flared skirt as she showcased a graceful and elegant dance performance.

Even at the young age of 10, Hyein’s innocent beauty drew cheers from many fans.

With sparkling eyes, Hyein maintained her smile until the end while performing a Korean traditional dance.


Regarding the female idol, the dance academy also wrote, “NewJeans Hyein was a beautiful student who cannot be forgotten since she was in the 3rd grade of elementary school”, adding, “Although it was only for a short time, she came from Incheon Songdo to Seoul Jeonnong Dong to learn Korean traditional dance.”

The academy also jokingly mentioned, “Even now, she is beautiful, but back then she was incredibly beautiful and diligent as well. We actually had the ‘dark desire’ of sending her to an art middle school majoring in Korean traditional dance.”


Meanwhile, upon seeing the video, many internet users shower Hyein with praise, saying, “How can a 3rd grader be this beautiful?” and “She’s different from the start, after all.”

On the other hand, NewJeans, which Hyein belongs to, has established itself as the representative girl group of the 4th generation, producing numerous hit songs such as “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, “OMG”, and “Ditto”.


NewJeans is currently dedicated to album preparation with the goal of making a comeback in July of 2023.

Source: Insight

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