‘Producer of BTS’, Pdogg topped the list of annual income with 40 billion won

It is reported that in the first half of this year Producer Pdogg has received the highest salary among the executives and employees.

Pdogg producer

According to a report on the first half of 2021 released by HYBE on August 17, Producer Pdogg (real name Kang Hyo Won) received a total of 40.77 billion won in the first half of this year alone. This amount of income included 39.928 billion won of profits from stocks, 38 million won of salary, and 111 million won of bonuses.

The amount of income of Producer Pdogg is said to be higher than Hyundai Motor Group’s CEO, who received 30.234 billion won.

The company explained that Pdogg is an employee, not an executive. Therefore, his annual salary is determined by his position and his performance, according to the employment regulations.

Pdogg is one of the original members of HYBE’s producers who has been working with BTS since their debut. He participated in many BTS’s hit songs, such as “Fire,” “Blood Sweat and Tears,” “Spring Day”, “DNA”, “Fake Love“, “Idol”, “Boy With Luv”, “ON”, and “Life Goes On.”. Along with the success of BTS in becoming a global boy group, the Producer also topped the chart of producers who received the biggest domestic copyright fees over the past 3 years.

Kim Shin Kyu, Head of HYBE Management, and Yoon Seok Joon, a CEO of HYBE, also ranked third and fifth with about 20 billion won.

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