BTS Jungkook drives fans insane and enters top trending because of his sexy lip piercing!

Apparently, Jungkook has added a new piercing to his “collection”.

The Fact Music Awards (TMA) is an annual Korean awards ceremony taking place to recognize artists with significant contributions to the Hallyu wave. This year’s TMA continues to be held online due to the ongoing pandemic. In August, the organizers already confirmed the participation of BTS, making fans extremely excited.

However, even before the official awards ceremony took place, BTS’s golden maknae already entered the top trending because of a video that was probably the pre-recorded Butter performance stage at TMA. In addition to his elegant look with the black suit and the slicked-back hair showing off his visuals, another special point that grabs fans’ attention immediately is Jungkook’s brand new lip piercing!

bts jungkook
bts jungkook

After the video was spread, fans couldn’t remain calm and quickly made Jungkook trend on Twitter for a few hours. Fans, even more, look forward to BTS’ official appearance on stage to fully see Jungkook’s lip piercing.

bts jungkook
Jungkook climbed the top trending for hours because of his lip piercing

Not letting fans down, the latest pictures of Jungkook on the TMA’s stage show off the top visuals of BTS’s youngest member! His handsome look is now enhanced even more with the stylish lip piercing, no wonder fans are going crazy.

A few months earlier, Jungkook attracted attention because of his eyebrow piercing. His latest photos at the TMA also show that he seems to have a new earring. Now he continues to add lip piercing to his “collection“. As expected, Jungkook always knows how to make fans “fall in love” with him because of how cool he looks.

bts jungkook
Jungkook attracted attention because of his eyebrow piercing
bts jungkook
He seems to have a new earring.

Let’s look forward to BTS’s performances on The Fact Music Awards stage to fully enjoy Jungkook’s visual!

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