K-netizens React To Chungha’s Former Agency Taken Away Even Her Fandom Name

Korean netizens are shocked to find out Chungha has to change her fandom name after leaving her former agency

On November 20, a post titled, “Chungha left without receiving anything from her former agency” was made on the popular Korean forum theqoo.

The post pointed out that Chungha’s former agency, MNH Entertainment, has kept her 5-million-follower Instagram account, official Twitter account, official YouTube account after she left. As the result, the singer has to re-open all of these social media accounts after moving to her new agency, More Vision.


However, this move by MNH is said to be similar to other entertainment companies. What shocks fans is the fact that MNH even trademarked her fandom name “Byulharang,” so she has to change her fandom name as well.


Under this post, many comments have been made criticizing the company’s pettiness and showing pity for Chungha.

Some of the comments are as follows:

  • “To be honest, Chungha is the founding contributor of that company, so I wonder I why they did this”
  • “She even finished a final album before her contract renewal”
  • “Where do you need to use the fandom name of a singer who left anyway?”
  • “Didn’t she say they were on good terms before????”
  • “Other companies do it for profits, but what would MNH do with her fandom name anyway?
  • “I know why she left now”

As of November 21, the original post has gathered approximately 72,000 views and more comments are pouring in.

Source: theqoo

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