The Fair Trade Commission responded to the controversy over ‘backdoor advertising’ that has recently surrounded BTS Jungkook

In response to the Naver post that accused BTS Jungkook of “backdoor advertising”, The Fair Trade Commission made a statement.

Earlier this month, the purple T-shirt that Jungkook wore in a selfie he posted on BTS‘s official Twitter account sparked controversy over “backdoor advertising”. It is said that this T-shirt is a GRAFFITIONMIND product released by Six6uys Co.,Ltd., a clothing company founded by Jungkook’s brother, Jeon Jung Hyun.

BTS Jungkook

In addition to purple, products with other colors such as gray, pink, and black were all out of stock. Jungkook did not mention the brand in detail, but it seems that fans who want to buy the same product as Jungkook found the information of the clothing company and purchased it.

BTS Jungkook

In this regard, an official from the Korea Fair Trade Commission said to, “Based on what has been released so far, it is difficult to considered Jungkook’s action as a backdoor advertisement“. The most important that helps to identify “backdoor advertising” is ‘deception’, which may vary depending on specific relationships. However, as Jungkook didn’t mention anything, it’s hard to find any sign of deception in this case.”

Moreover, regarding the accusation that Jungkook caused misunderstandings to the consumers and hindered fair trade, this official stated, “He was just wearing clothes, so this doesn’t seem to be a violation.”

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Sources: hankyung

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