BLACKPINK’s Lisa showed her chic French look during her current Paris trip

BLACKPINK’s Lisa shared the current status of her during the Paris trip.

Lisa posted several photos on her Instagram on the 16th. Lisa quickly made headlines as she showed off her chic French look with the city of Paris in the background.

Lisa BLACKPINK in Paris

The French Chic look is characterized by a natural, no-makeup look, which is so-called ‘indifferent chic’ fashion. Lisa wore classic twisted knitwear, a denim skirt, and an oversized blazer for a bold Parisian look. Her hair is braided into two braids, creating a lively yet pure vibe.

Lisa also showed off a photo from the previous day taken on the balcony with the Eiffel Tower in the background, posing as if she was lost in thought. She wore a beret knit cap to maximize the Parisian vibe. She also made headlines when she revealed her trip to Paris.

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