MAMAMOO Solar reveals her hardships that no one knew about

MAMAMOO Solar (real name Kim Yong-sun) talked about a time when she lacked confidence.

On March 15th, Solar conducted an online interview ahead of the release of her first mini-album “容 : FACE” and met Wikitree to talk about various things.

Solar‘s solo comeback is the first time in a year and 11 months since her single album “SPIT IT OUT” released in April 2020. The new album “容 : FACE” was inspired by the Chinese character “容” of Solar’s real name “Kim Yong-sun“.


On this day, Solar said, “I’m coming back with my first mini-album in about two years. I didn’t mind until yesterday, but I was so nervous thinking about it coming out. I released ‘SPIT IT OUT’ as a single, but this time I think I’m more nervous because it’s my first mini-album.”

After her first solo debut, why didn’t she release a new album for nearly two years? She said, “I was surprised too. I didn’t know it’d been two years since I released my first single ‘SPIT IT OUT’. I could release an album sooner, but my personality likes new challenges.”

She then explained, “I need to upgrade a little more next time, but I was afraid of how I should do it. I worry about whether people will like it, and a lot of time passed by because of those thoughts. In the meantime, as I released MAMAMOO’s albums, I think I lost a lot of confidence in releasing a solo album.”


Solar, who had been in deep thought, decided to once again make up her mind and thought that she would run hard this year. It was her fans who gave her confidence to release a new album when she felt despondent.

Solar expressed her affection towards fans, “People sometimes lose confidence. There are good stories, but aren’t there bad ones? I think of myself as a confident person, but when I see things like that, there were times when I lost my confidence. Fans’ messages comforted me, so I gained confidence and was able to release this album.”

Solar’s first mini-album “容 : FACE”, which marks her return after a year and 11 months, will be released on various music sites at 6 PM on March 16th.

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