Lisa’s simple fashion style is actually her learning from her role model

Lisa likes to wear simple clothes for a reason.

Contrary to her strong and sometimes overwhelming aura, Lisa‘s everyday style is simple and not very fussy. The basic items are mixed and matched in different ways, so Lisa‘s outfits are always highly applicable and easily accessible to all audiences to follow. But actually the trend of wearing simple clothes of the youngest BLACKPINK is not random.

Sharing with Pop Magazine, Lisa said that her role model of well-dressing is her mother. “When I look at old photos of my mother, I always wanted to dress like her,” the BLACKPINK rapper shared. In addition, Lisa also finds inspiration from films set across decades to diversify her style. Currently we do not have the opportunity to admire the old pictures of Lisa‘s mother, but through the photos taken by fans, it can be seen that Lisa‘s mother prefers simplicity and comfort. And this must also have a little influence on the daughter’s style.

Many times, BLACKPINK maknae’s mother has been seen by fans in an ankle-length skirt with a large flower pattern that is very popular with middle-aged women. Rarely do fans see Lisa‘s mother wearing high heels, she often chooses sneakers or loafers to wear. This is also true for Lisa, unless a performance or event requires high heels, it is difficult to find a picture of Lisa wearing this item in everyday life. There were also a few occasions when Lisa‘s mother wore more elaborate clothes, such as the time she wore a beret hat, a trench coat, and a silk scarf to take pictures with her daughter.

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