7 artists of YG Ent included in Top 30 richest K-pop idols

Despite being demoted to a mid-sized business not long ago, YG still has 7 artists who made it to the Top 30 richest K-pop idols.

In May, after moving to a new headquarters, YG Entertainment was downgraded from a blue-chip company to a mid-sized enterprise by Korea Exchange. However, the company experiencing a decline in business profits does not mean that the artists’ earnings also drop. The following 8 YG artists are all featured in the Top 30 richest K-pop idols, making fans surprised.

YG Entertainment Idols


G-Dragon entering this list in 4th place is not too surprising for most K-pop fans. According to statistics, the leader of BIGBANG has a current net worth of up to 55 million USD.

Some fans joked that even if G-Dragon just sits still and does nothing, money will still flow into his pocket. The male idol’s income source not only comes from performing on stage but also from songwriting royalties and endorsement deals. Not to mention, being appointed Chanel’s House Ambassador has also helped G-Dragon earn a good amount of money.

YG Entertainment Idols


Not outshined by his best friend, Taeyang ranks 10th place in this chart. Similar to G-Dragon, the BIGBANG’s main vocalist earns a large amount of money from music royalties and advertising contracts with fashion brands. On Instagram, the male idol sometimes posts promotionals pictures for the high-end brand Louis Vuitton, making fans look forward to an official collaboration in the future.

YG Entertainment Idols


Following his younger brothers in BIGBANG, T.O.P also earns a position in the Top 30 richest idols. The rapper ranks 11th place with a net worth of 35 million USD after many years of working in the industry. He has a massive collection of expensive paintings and furniture worth millions of dollars. BIGBANG’s oldest brother is also a rare idol who owns a powerful black card Hyundai Black Card KAL, one of the credit cards with the highest requirements in Korea.

YG Entertainment Idols


The fact that Lisa makes it onto the list alongside her famous seniors and ends up at 27th place is both surprising and impressive. According to estimates, Lisa’s net worth is around 15 million USD. Fans believe that the female idol’s outstanding success in both music and fashion is the key to helping her achieve high earnings.

YG Entertainment Idols


Ranking right below her member Lisa, Jennie is in 28th place with a net worth of about 12-15 million USD. Fans are not too surprised with this number because Jennie  has always been one of the most sought-after celebrities of luxury brands. The female idol constantly signs lucrative endorsement deals with big fashion companies.

jennie blackpink 21102021 1

Moreover, being the Ambassador for Chanel, Hera and most recently Calvin Klein has brought Jennie a large source of income. Jennie definitely has one of the most outstanding and admirable career paths among Kpop idols. 


BLACKPINK’s oldest member impressively enters this ranking at 29th place. With the title of Dior’s Global Ambassador and a variety of endorsement deals with both domestic and global brands, Jisoo’s net worth has continued to increase rapidly over the past years.

jisoo blackpink 21102021 1


Despite ranking last, being included in this list also proves that Rosé’s wealth is no joke. Similar to other BLACKPINK members, the “Australian sweetheart” has also banked millions through endorsement deals with different brands. The female idol is currently the Global Ambassador for luxury fashion house Saint Laurent and high-end jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.

rose blackpink 21102021 1

This ranking is evaluated based on many factors such as income, brand ambassador payments, investment (business/real estate), social media influence and personal wealth. Therefore, entering the Top 30 proves that these 8 idols of YG not only earn large amounts of money but also have a great impact on social media.

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