“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Kang Ki Young tested positive for Corona, can’t go on vacation in Bali 

Actor Kang Ki Young is confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 and thus can’t attend the reward vacation of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

According to Korean news site OSEN on August 8th, actor Kang Ki Young was diagnosed with COVID-19 last weekend. Therefore, he unfortunately had to miss out on the Bali vacation of the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which is scheduled to start this week. 

Previously, Kang Ki Young was supposed to take a separate flight to Bali on August 9th after wrapping up his personal schedules, but was unfortunately excluded from the trip as he was confirmed with unexpected coronavirus. Meanwhile, director Yoo In Sik and other “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast like Park Eun Bin, Joo Jong Hyuk, Ha Yoon Kyung, etc, except for Kang Ki Young, who has Corona, and Kang Tae Oh, who is about to enlist in the military, departed for Bali, Indonesia through Incheon International Airport on the late afternoon of August 8th and is expected to spend 4 nights and 6 days there. 

This trip to Bali is a little different from normal “reward vacations”, where all the staff and actors leave. Instead, it is a bit more personal with only a few actors and crew members who match the schedule.

Regarding this, the production team of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” said: “In order to repay the hard work of the production crew and actors at Studio Genie, we prepared ‘Golden Whale’ as a reward to the staff and actors, including the writer, director, and actors. Unfortunately, the vacation is difficult to proceed because of the difficulties in timing and schedule.”

On the other hand, Kang Ki Young is starring in the ENA channel Wed-Thu drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, playing the role of lawyer Jung Myung Seok at Hanbada Law Firm. At the end of the 12th episode, a scene where Jung Myung-seok vomited blood was released, and signs of his health abnormalities were detected, raising curiosity.

Source: daum

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