BLACKPINK Jennie will go to America with BTS? A New York date?

BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V, who are rumored to be dating, are heading to the same destination.

On the morning of August 24th, BTS member V departed from Incheon International Airport to New York, USA. Meanwhile, all BLACKPINK members, including Jennie, will be boarding a plane to the same destination on the afternoon of August 25th.

The fact that V and Jennie, who are currently embroiled in dating rumors, are heading to New York with just a day difference is drawing attention. In addition, it is reported that V is going to have a photoshoot in the US, while BLACKPINK also have schedules in the Western country. 

Back in May, photos said to be of V and Jennie traveling in the same car in Jeju Island started to spread, rousing rumors of a romantic relationship between the 2 top idols. Recently on August 23rd, another photo, presumed to be Jennie and V in the same waiting rooms, once again raised such suspicions. 

In particular, the photo shows a man who looks like V sitting in the waiting room getting his hair done, and a woman who looks like Jennie taking a mirror selfie. The woman was wearing the same clothes, accessories, and cell phone model as several photos of Jennie, and is thus thought to be Jennie. 

As of the moment, V and Jennie’s agencies, BigHit Music (HYBE Labels) and YG Entertainment, both remain silent about the dating rumors. 

Source: nate

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