What happened to girl group members who were forgotten because they debuted during the 2002 World Cup

Not many people know that Oh Yeon-seo and Jeon Hye-bin, who are currently active as actresses, used to be members of a girl group 20 years ago.

They debuted in the girl group LUV. Consisting of three members, Bin (Jeon Hye-bin), Eun-byul (Jo Eun-byul), and Haetnim (Oh Yeon-seo), LUV was the first girl group produced by SidusHQ. Poet Won Tae-yeon participated in the album production as the creative director. In addition, the group drew attention as LUV was planned as a group with a girly image.

LUV aroused great interest at the time of their debut with the company’s support and the fresh combination of the members, but unfortunately, they couldn’t maintain the heat because they debuted during the 2002 World Cup. In the end, the promotion of their first album became the first and also last activity of the group.

Although LUV was an unlucky girl group that disappeared from the entertainment industry because they were introduced at the wrong time, all three members have been working actively in their respective fields and making their names known even more since the group’s disbandment. Eun-byul continued her singing career after the LUV disbanded. She released an album in 2009 and performed under the stage name Leebie. Eun-byul returned and appeared in Trot X in 2013 then later joined the trot group Second. She also appeared on “Tomorrow is Miss Trot” in 2019. 

Bin, who was the visual of the group, made her name known after appearing on an entertainment program under the name Jeon Hye-bin. She later turned to acting and continued her stable activities as an actress.

Oh Yeon-seo is also active as a famous actress. She is gaining attention with her performance in the ongoing drama “Café Minamdang” as Han Jae-hee, a righteous police officer with a girl-crush image. Jeon Hye-bin and Oh Yeon-seo are raising high expectations from the film industry as their new movies have been scheduled to be released soon.

Oh Yeon-seo recently finished filming a movie called “Apgujeong Report”. “Apgujeong Report” tells the story of Dae-guk, an Apgujeong native who is quite nosy, and Ji-woo, a plastic surgeon who has only reliable skills, opening the heyday of the plastic surgery business in Kangnam. Ma Dong-seok (as Dae-guk), Jung Kyung-ho (as Ji-woo), Oh Na-ra (as Mi-jeong) will enter the plastic surgery business together. Meanwhile, Oh Yeon-seo will play Gyu-ok, who is the president of a top-class shop and has an unknown charisma. The film is currently in the post-production stage.

Jeon Hye-bin recently completed filming for “Nineteen, Thirty-Nine”. This is an emotional healing drama that tells about how classmates who reunite at the cafe run by the class president Yeon-mi grow up after facing the secrets they have hidden for 20 years and understanding each other.

The drama has confirmed the cast consisting of famous female stars, including Lee So-yeon, Jeon Hye-bin, Son Yeo-eun, Jung Soo-young, Oh Seung-eun, Lee Yoo-mi, etc. Jeon Hye-bin, along with Lee So-yeon, will play Jeong Joo-ri, a representative beauty at school in the past who is currently running a yoga academy.

Attention is focused on whether Jeon Hye-bin and Oh Yeon-seo, who used to be girl group members, will be able to continue their popularity as actresses.

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