Jeon So-mi revealed her daily life moments in her reality show, showing off “true friend chemistry” with YGX Lee Jung

Jeon So-mi gifted fans a special behind-the-scenes episode of her reality show.


Somi’s agency, The Black Label, uploaded a special clip of Jeon So-mi’s exclusive reality show “I AM SOMI: XOXO” on their official Youtube channel at 10 P.M on January 1st.

The released special video contained behind-the-scenes footage, including her daily life moments of discovering a bird in front of her house, revealing Jeon So-mi’s diverse charms.

First of all, Jeon So-mi drew attention as she created her own fanchant for “XOXO”, the title song with the same name as her first full album. After singing the fanchant herself, Jeon So-mi expressed her longing for fans, saying, “I want to hear the fanchant from Sommungchi (Somi’s official fandom name).


In addition, Jeon So-mi played an “No English” game in the car while on the way to skydive, which was on her bucket list, and revealed her self-composed song made by recording her grandmother’s voice, showing her endless charm.

In particular, Jeon So-mi drew attention by introducing her studio and sharing the story of her going shopping with aespa’s Giselle. She then showed her chemistry with YGX dancer Lee Jung while practicing with her, making viewers smile.

Finally, Jeon Somi made a cute and lovely remark by saying, “I hope you will see me as pretty and cute, cherish and love me like your youngest sister, and listen to my songs a lot.”


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