ASTRO, “This comeback album contains our maturity and growth. We’ll show you a more experienced image”

Boy group ASTRO revealed feelings about their comeback.

At the showcase held online on the afternoon of May 16th to celebrate the release of their third full album “Drive to the Starry Road”, JinJin said, “We received so much love from everyone last year and we have returned with a more refreshing image. Since this is our third full album, we poured much attention and effort into it. We also included solo songs for the first time. We worked really hard on this album hoping that everyone would love it”.


Moon Bin said, “Our maturity and growth seem to have been expressed really well through this album. You will be able to see us with a more experienced image, so please look forward to it”.

Delivering the message that ASTRO and AROHA (fandom name) will always be together, this album tells about the youth of six members as well as their past, present, and future with fans. It has 5 group songs, including the title track “Candy Sugar Pop”, and solo songs – “Story” (MJ’s solo), “All Day” (JinJin’s solo), “First Love” (Cha Eun-woo’s solo), “Let’s go ride” (Moon Bin’s solo), “S#1” (Rocky’s solo), and “24 Hours” (Yoon San-ha’s solo). 


Following the release of “Drive to the Starry Road” at 6 p.m on May 16th, ASTRO will hold a showcase with fans at 7 p.m and start their comeback activities in earnest.

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