These idols have worked these part-time jobs before their debut? Idols with various part-time jobs

Suga, Hyo-jung, and Sung-gyu are idols who have experienced the struggles of part-timers!


BTS Suga is on a roll as a singer and music producer. But when he was a trainee, he had thought he should do something at such an unstable time when the team almost went nowhere because the agency no longer had money to invest in them, so he also worked as a part-time delivery worker. Then, he reportedly suffered an accident in the rain and injured his shoulder. This injury then led to a heart-wrenching story of him hiding because he was afraid of his company discovering his injuries.

OH MY GIRL Hyo-jung


“Human vitamin,” OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung has worked various part-time jobs since she was a student. She has had a variety of histories, including working part-time at meat restaurants and jokbal restaurants, as well as babysitters and giving out flyers. She recalled positively, saying, “My emotions have grown deeply due to my numerous part-time job experiences, which helped me sing better.”



INFINITE Sung-gyu came to Seoul to become a singer after graduating from high school. Despite opposition from his family, he came to Seoul alone full of confidence that he would succeed on the path of singing, but it was not easy to become a trainee, so he worked several part-time jobs to make a living. While working part-time at a cafe, he met Nell’s manager. And through that manager’s introduction, he entered Woollim Entertainment as a trainee and continued on his road to debut. He is definitely destined to become a singer!



Choa appeared on an entertainment program in the past and told stories about her incredible part-time job experience. It is said that her performance was excellent enough to earn about 5 million won a month from a sales promotion part-time job after she failed the audition at the age of 20. When the customer contanstly asked questions for two hours, she recalled the past, saying, “I explained to them kindly for two hours.” It is said that the money she saved was used to prepare for her trainee life.



ONF E-TION was an experienced expert part-timer that was recognized before his debut. He said he has experience working at convenience stores, donut restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and Thai restaurants as well as samgyetang restaurants.



Sejun of VICTON has an unusual career working as a bank bodyguard in high school before becoming a trainee. If I could see Sejun working in a suit, I would have gone straight to the bank just to save 10,000 won!

Source: cosmopolitan.co.kr

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