Jang Won Young enjoys luxurious first trip to Paris… a 19-year-old who live a life without envy

IVE member Jang Won Young visited Paris, France.

On October 16th, Vogue Korea uploaded a video titled “Jang Won Young in Paris ep.2, Lovely Value 10000%. First Paris Travel Vlog (Seine River Walking | Shopping | Gelato Restaurant | Luxury Jewelry Viewing)” on their official YouTube channel.

In the video, Jang Won Young said with a lovely vibe, “I came to Paris for the first time in my life. I want to share wonderful moments with you. I’m so happy.”

As she walked along the Seine River, Jang Won Young enjoyed the atmosphere of Paris and expressed, “It feels like a real trip. I feel very relaxed.”

ive wonyoung

The female idol also posed with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Despite wearing flat shoes, Jang Won Young’s doll-like visuals and unrealistically long legs make her look like a model.

After enjoying a delicious meal with lobster and burrata cheese, Jang Won Young attended a luxury jewelry brand’s collection viewing event and spent an expensive time wearing jewels studded with gems.

The female idol also visited the oldest handicraft shop in Paris. As she donned a black top with a side slit long skirt and a black jacket, Jang Won Young said, “Today’s outfit and this chain fit very well. This is exactly what happened in Cinderella.I’ll be Cinderella today and go to the Gala Dinner Show.” 

She then showed her pride, saying, “Today’s outfit goes so well with the formal style, and we prepared everything from top to toe. I also brought this hairpin from Korea very hard because I really wanted to show the beauty of Korea in Paris.”

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