Adultery scandal of Father Kim Yong Gun and drug use of Son Ha Jung Woo, the family’s position is being undermined

The title “actors’ family” is powerful. However, it is self-evident that tall trees get high winds.

While the father Kim Yong Gun is facing the out-of-wedlock scandal, the son Ha Jung Woo’s also facing allegations of using propofol. The family’s position in the industry is shaking.

Kim Yong Gun is an aging actor in K-drama with the solid image of a nation’s elder by appearing on the MBC entertainment program “I Live Alone” for decades. Born in 46, he has had two grown-up sons who are also well-known actors, strengthening Kim Yong Gun‘s position.

Both sons, Ha Jung Woo and Cha Hyun Woo, are not only original actors but also public art officials, walking along their father’s path. 

Cha Hyun Woo has been in a long-term relationship with actor Hwang Bo-ra for many years, and if the two get married, they will be reborn as a family of solid actors who even have a reputation in the advertising world. 

Actor Ha Jung Woo, the first son, has been praised as a top-class actor in Chungmuro – “Hollywood of Korea” for more than a decade and has developed a brilliant brand name with his father.

Adultery scandal of Father Kim Yong Gun and drug use of Son Ha Jung Woo, the family’s position is being undermined

Unpredictably, the scandal of Kim Yong Gun‘s secret relationship with another woman was exposed on the 2nd, involving an out-of-wedlock child. His ‘another woman’ is 39 years old, younger than him, and has been dating him for 13 years. She sued Kim Yong Gun for forcing her to have an abortion.

The scandal was so noisy that it dragged another celebrity into it, but the celeb was wrongly designated as a victim. She also claimed to sue those who spread false information for defamation and leaking their personal information.

However, Kim Yong Gun’s son, Ha Jung Woo also got into trouble due to allegations of illegal use of propofol. Immediately, four famous law firms, including former lawyers, have been appointed and are preparing for their first trial with as many as 10 lawyers. An entertainment industry official said, “As a famous actor, the image of a ‘drugster’ will be a fatal blow to Ha Jung Woo. He will have to struggle a lot to preserve the acting career he has built for so long.” 

Celebrities will inevitably be discussed about their private life. Because their wrong lifestyle can affect young people in their 10s and 20s. Kim Yong Gun has stated that he will take all financial responsibility for his illegitimate child. And Ha Jung Woo is also very determined to prove his innocence. But in the eyes of the conservative and fastidious public, will their efforts be rewarded? 

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