Son Na-eun ended all dispute rumor: “It’s a bummer that I can’t join Apink for this promotion, please support the members” 

Son Na-eun of Apink expressed regret for her absence from her group’s 10th-anniversary activities. 

Son Naeun posted on her Instagram on Feb 17th, “Are you enjoying our 10th-anniversary album, “HORN”? It’s a pity that I can’t be with them this time, but please show a lot of love for the album they have worked hard on and support the members a lot,” she released several photos with a message.

son naeun

Earlier, IST Entertainment, Apink‘s agency, said in an official statement on Feb 17th, “With the release of a special album for Apink’s meaningful 10th anniversary, coordination of schedules and communication was our top priority as we all want them to promote as a 6-member team. However, due to a sudden failure to adjust the schedule, all Apink activities except for the jacket shooting and the music video of the special album in February will be conducted with only five members (Cho-rong, Bo-mi, Eun-ji, Nam-joo and Ha-young).”

son naeun

Some raised rumors of Apink‘s internal discord that Son Na-eun left IST Entertainment and was excluded from her group’s first activity after moving to YG Entertainment.

However, Son Na-eun ended the controversy by expressing her regret that she could not participate in the group activities through her SNS.

Meanwhile, Apink made a comeback with “Horn” on Feb 14th.

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