Turning 41 years old, how is the appearance of the ageless beauty of Korea Jang Nara now?

Does Jang Nara still retain her “Korean vampire” title?

Jang Nara is a singer/actress often mentioned by netizens with a series of strange nicknames such as “age-hacking vampire”, “Korean vampire”,… Her ageless beauty does not seem to show any features of aging even though she is now 41 years old and has been in the entertainment industry for more than 2 decades.

But in fact, Jang Nara cannot escape the cruelty of time no matter how carefully she takes care of her skin. In her newly posted photo, the beauty confidently shows off her bare face which is now starting to show some signs of aging.

Jang Nara beauty
Although Jang Nara’s skin is perfectly smooth and bright in this picture, netizens can clearly see some crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes, wrinkles around the corners of her mouth, and big bags under her eyes. At the age of 41, the beauty “Jing Bora” is still classified as the iconic beauty of Kbiz.
Jang Nara beauty
A few months ago, netizens were shocked by Jang Nara’s new image.  She looked wretched and severely aged.  In fact, the rapid weight loss and new hairstyle are the factors that made her look less attractive.

Born in 1981, Jang Nara is considered an ageless beauty because she is almost not aging at the age of 40. Comparing her image more than 17 years ago and now, few people can find the difference.

The actress once shared 4 tips to keep the skin young for a long time, which are done regularly: clean the face, apply a warm washcloth on the skin, massage the face every day, apply a mask to nourish the skin and keep an optimistic attitude.  She emphasized that it is a positive attitude that is the medicine to help her stay young and beautiful for a long time.

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