Kim Hee-chul is interested in moving to Psy’s P-Nation, “My contract with SM ends this year”

Kim Hee-chul of Super Junior showed interest in Psy’s company P-Nation.

In the 330th episode of JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros”, which aired on April 30th, singer Psy transferred to Brother High School.


On the same day, Psy said as one of his pledges to become the student president of Brothers School, “I will let you join agency P-Nation.” Kim Hee-chul shouted, “My contract ends this year,” and Kim Young-chul said, “My contract ends next year. Can you guys let me release some songs?”


While Psy was surprised by Kim Young-chul‘s reaction, saying, “I’m serious,” Kim Hee-chul explained, “I’m half-joking, but he’s serious.”


Psy then drew attention by appealing that as the head of the agency, he communicates well with his company’s artists, and that even if they ask him to turn his hands into his feet, he would do it. That’s why he tends to cast big names for his agency’s stars’ music videos. Among the examples was Song Joong-ki, who appeared in Heize‘s music video “Happen.”


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