Looking like a top model as she walks… Jang Won Young sets out to impress on Paris Runway

Jang Won Young of girl group IVE boasted her perfect proportions at Paris Fashion Week

On October 4th, Jang Won Young attended a fashion show for fashion brand Miu Miu’s 2023 Spring/Summer Collection, which was held in Paris, France.

ive wonyoung paris fashion week

The moment she appeared, the female idol showed an overwhelming atmosphere with her superior height. Her low-rise pants also added to her body proportions, which is so perfect that they seem unrealistic.

Jang Won Young, who was in the front row of the fashion show, lit up the runway. She attended the show alongside Hollywood actress Ever Anderson, as well as models Alexa Chung and Ella Emhoff.

ive wonyoung paris fashion week

Even inside the show, the enthusiasm for the coverage was hot, with presses from all over the world trying to get a shot at interviewing Jang Won Young. Here, the female idol got through it all with a relaxed smile and professional attitude.

Source: nate

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