SNSD members on Korean movies and K-dramas of 2022, Yoona steals the show?

How did members of girl group SNSD (Girls’ Generation) fare with their appearances on both the Korean big and small screen this year?

There is no denying that SNSD, also known as Girls’ Generation, is a representative girl group of Kpop’s 2nd generation. Now that they have achieved great successes in the music field, each member is branching out into a different realm – acting. 

Below is a summary of SNSD members’ movie and drama roles in the year 2022. 

Yoona shines on both the big and small screen

From August to early September, Yoona was all over the news headlines with her role in the K-drama “Big Mouth”, where she starred alongside actor Lee Jong Suk. The K-drama, with its intense pacing and plot twists, attracted a huge amount of attention, and recorded outstanding viewership ratings. 

yoona big mouth
Yoona was also praised for her acting skills in “Big Mouth”

In particular, the finale of “Big Mouth” recorded a peak viewership of 13.7%, with the show reaching an average rating of around 10%. The scene where the female lead Go Mi Ho, played by Yoona, passed away, also moved a lot of hearts. 

Meanwhile, on the big screen, Yoona easily cracked up the audience with her hilarious acting in “Confidential Assignment 2: International”. She also did not fall behind, despite acting alongside seasoned actors like Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae Jin, and Daniel Henney.

yoona confidential assignment 2
Yoona’s comedic acting in “Confidential Assignment 2: International” invoked a lot of laughter 

“Confidential Assignment 2: International”, which budget falls around 13.6 million USD, is also considered a box office success with earnings of over 54.5 million USD worldwide.

Seohyun went from sexy to innocent, faced mixed reactions over movie choice 

Contrary to Yoona, whose movie appearance is heaped with praise, Seohyun faced mixed reaction for her role in the BDSM-themed film “Love and Leashes”. While the theme of the movie itself is rather explicit and the rating is high, there are actually no adult scenes, but most people thought the opposite and gave criticism. Nevertheless, the movie still marked Seohyun’s drastic transformation from her “fairy” vibes to a more bold and seductive one. 

love and leashes
Seohyun faced mixed reactions for her appearance in the film “Love and Leashes”

After “Love and Leashes”, Seohyun participated in the K-drama “Jinxed at First”, where she returned to a princess and innocent image. In particular, she played the role of the “goddess of luck” Seul Bi, who can foretell the future to assist her “master”. 

“Jinxed at First” did not perform as well as anticipated 

Despite the interesting plot and great chemistry between Seohyun and the leading actor Na In Woo, “Jinxed at First” did not perform well rating-wise. The K-drama ended up only achieving an average viewership of 3.3%. 

Sooyoung starred alongside Yoon Park and Ji Chang Wook

Sooyoung did not appear on the big screen in 2022. Nevertheless, she secured 2 K-drama roles, in “If You Wish Upon Me” and “Fanletter, please”, where she starred alongside Ji Chang Wook and Yoon Park, respectively. 

If You Wish Upon Me
“If You Wish Upon Me” received rather low viewership ratings.

Unfortunately, both dramas did not perform well when it comes to viewership. In particular, in addition to their rather unpopular topics, “If You Wish Upon Me” had to compete with “Big Mouth”, while “Fanletter, please” was against “Reborn Rich”. The latter is also facing “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which is only rising in popularity. 

fanletter please thumbnail
Sooyoung starred alongside Yoon Park in “Fanletter, please” 

While both “If You Wish Upon Me” and “Fanletter, please” are great productions with meaningful messages, the two series’ somber atmosphere made them unattractive to the regular viewers. 

Yuri’s reunion with Jung Il Woo saw poor commercial performance 

In 2021, Yuri had a successful collaboration with actor Jung Il Woo in “Bossam: Steal the Fate”, which recorded 6.042% in viewership, an extremely high number for broadcasting station MBN. In addition, Yuri’s acting and appearance in the show both received high praises, promising brighter prospects for the idol-actress. 

good job
Yuri and Jung Il Woo in “Good Job” 

However, Yuri and Jung Il Woo’s reunion in “Good Job” did not manage to repeat such history. The K-drama only recorded a viewership rating of 2.296%. 

Tiffany tried her hand at acting 

2022 is a huge year for Tiffany, seeing that the female idol is branching into the acting realm. In particular, she recently appeared in the K-drama “Reborn Rich”, playing the character Rachel – the “right hand” of businessman Oh Se Hyun. In addition, her boss is joining the investment fund of male lead Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), promising more screen time in the future. 

tiffany young reborn rich thumbnail
Tiffany assumed the role of Rachel in “Reborn Rich”

While this is only a supporting character, Tiffany is already making a deep impression with the audience. On top of this, with the huge popularity “Reborn Rich” is enjoying, the idol-actress’ appearance in it may be a huge boost to her acting career. 

Source: k14

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