BLACKPINK’s Jennie serves visuals in new Gentle Monster campaign + The website crashed after her collection was launched  

Jennie’s power is insane. 

Gentle Monster has released promotional photos for Jennie‘s self-designed collection Jentle Garden with Jennie herself as the model, drawing much attention. Because the concept of the collection is a flower garden, Jennie is surrounded by flowers. In every shot, she shows off classy and sophisticated visuals. Notably, Jennie worked with famous photographer Hugo Comte for this campaign.

Seeing these gorgeous photos of Jennie obviously makes everyone want to get their hands on the Jentle Garden collection. So it comes as no surprise that Gentle Monster’s actually crashed shortly after Jennie’s collection was on sale, because there are too many users trying to access it at the same time. Although the marketing department was quick to respond that Gentle Monster was trying to put the website back again, those who want to purchase Jennie’s self-designed glasses are still very impatient. JinyKu – a member of Gentle Monster‘s Marketing team wrote on Instagram: “Real Jennie effect”.

Jennie-Gentle Monster-Jentle Garden
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