Im Si-wan Suddenly Calls Lee Sun-bin During Radio Show And Performs Dialect Skills

Actor Im Si-wan surprised Lee Sun-bin with his sudden call during a radio broadcast

MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” broadcast on November 21st featured AKMU’s Lee Soo-hyun as a special DJ and guest actress Lee Sun-bin.

That day, Lee Sun-bin talked about the difficulties she faced during the filming of her new drama “Boyhood”. She said, “It was very very hot. As soon as we heard ‘Cut’, we couldn’t endure the heat and immediately looked for fans and put on ice packs.”

When Lee Soo-hyun asked about her hobby of going to karaoke to relieve stress, Lee Sun-bin shared, “I’ve been doing 4 works this year so I couldn’t go there often, but I used to go there at least 2-3 times a week before the Covid-19 pandemic”. The actress also revealed that she wanted to hold a fan concert. 

In particular, what drew the most attention during the radio program was Im Si-wan’s unexpected phone call. The actor surprised all radio listeners when he talked in the Chungcheong-do dialect perfectly. Im Si-wan said he knew Lee Sun-bin went to the radio program alone to promote their new drama so he made a phone call during lunch in the middle of his filming schedule.

Lee Sun-bin

Surprised by Im Si-wan’s dialect performance, Lee Soo-hyun said, “Hearing you speak Chungnam dialect like that, I can’t help but look forward to ‘Boyhood’”. Lee Sun-bin added, “These days, I’m saying ‘Siwan got on the bus’ as a buzzword. He did it so well”, showing admiration for Im Si-wan.

After the phone call, Lee Sun-bin commented, “I guess the momentum has turned to him after that part. Because we’re rivals”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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