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“He’s excited every time”, Kim Jong-kook talks about his soccer skills

Kim Jong-kook mentioned his soccer skills.

SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which aired on July 10th, showed Kim Jong-kook giving an explanation for his soccer skills.

running man

On the broadcast, the PD brought up the story, saying “I heard you were evil edited in a scene where you played soccer”. Yang Se-chan said, “It was so unfair for him. He played soccer on ‘My Little Old Boy’, too. But he’s good at soccer”.

running man

Kim Jong-kook responded, “Others are the same. They said, ‘That’s evil editing’. It’s not that I can or cannot do it. It’s something I haven’t done yet”.

He explained, “I can’t accept that to be called an improvement. People think it’s an improvement so they will say you can kick well even if you kick the ball really slightly. They lowered the expectations.”

running man

Regarding his soccer skill, Kim Jong-kook said, “Compared to my passion, I’m not satisfied with it. It shouldn’t be called an improvement”. Yang Se-chan laughed and said, “He gets excited every time he talks about soccer”. 

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