Jae-hyun got the spotlight with his pink hair at American GMA.

‘NCT’ Jae-hyun got the spotlight. The point is his pink hair.

On 18th (local time), “NCT 127” performed on ABC’s “Good Morning America” which was shown at Times Square in New York.

NCT 127 was the first Korean boy group to appear on a talk show. They have a unique sword dance and sexy charm.

Who was the most eye-catching member? It was Jae-hyun. He dyed his hair pink. It was like he had come from a romantic comic strip.

Fashion sense was also wondrous. He wore a black jacket and long pants, and he gave a point in a colorful pattern shirt.

The netizens, who watched the show, got a variety of responses, including, “How does the guy in pink hair look so good?” “His skin is so white,” “He likes a vampire,” “He is unreal with his visual” and “He’s getting the spotlight.”

Sources: Dispatch

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