Clip: Almost fell on stage, Hani (EXID) trying hard not to laugh

EXID member Hani had minor problem while performing the new song “I LOVE YOU”.

Recently, EXID officially came back with the single “I LOVE YOU” and the title song of the same name. After releasing the music video, Banana Culture’s girl group started the second week of promotions on music shows at “The Show” on November 27th.

Here, EXID performed the new song with the red outfits featured on this comeback. However, there was one detail that caught the attention as Hani tripped on stage, but she quickly regained her balance and acted as if nothing had happened.

Hani stumbled but quickly regained her balance and continued performing

But ultimately, what matters most to fans is Hani’s expression. Before the incident, the “fancam queen” was performing with extremely charming expression. After nearly falling, the “goddess” disappeared completely and instead was her smile as fresh as flowers. Hani attempted to being cool but failed and she continued to smile until the end of the performance.

Hani smiled to the end of the performance while the rest of the members kept the charm

This also made EXID’s stage become a little weird because while the rest of the members are focused on expressing the charm of the song, Hani constantly reveals her lovely nature. After this stage was aired, many fans said they laughed at Hani’s moment.

Hani has many lovely moments in everyday life

The fact that Hani has a completely opposite side before and during the performance is something that fans are no stranger to. Before that, she also surprised fans with a more expressive change before and after the music emerged.

The sudden change of expression of Hani

Source: k14

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