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“I saw real wolves with Song Joong-ki”… Lee Joon-hyuk, No.1 in non-human acting

Actor Lee Joon-hyuk revealed the secret behind his non-human acting by seeing wolves with Song Joong-ki.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star“, which aired on Oct 5th, was decorated as the special episode “Street Comedy Fighter” featuring actors Lee Bum-soo, Lee Joon-hyuk, model Jung Hyuk and comedian Kim Won-hoon as guests.

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Among them, Lee Joon-hyuk drew attention as No.1 in terms of “non-human acting”. In fact, he learned mime in France, worked in a play troupe and experienced various acting. He acted as a gorilla in the movie “Mr. Go” and coached the acting of the feral boy (played by Song Joong-ki) in the movie “A Werewolf Boy”.

radio star

Lee Joon-hyuk revealed the existence of a secret notebook as a comedy acting scene stealer. He wrote down small experiences in his notebook, starting with famous sayings such as “Failure is temporary but quitting is permanent”.

radio star

Lee Joon-hyuk talked about his gorilla acting in “Mr. Go”, “Gorillas in Korea don’t move well, so I went to Ueno Park in Japan to observe them. I studied their gestures and sounds there.” He also revealed, “I went to see real wolves with Song Joong-ki during ‘A Werewolf Boy’. We looked closely at the feeding.”

In addition, about the side effects of non-human acting, he made viewers feel sorry for him by confessing, “My back hurts and I feel dizzy when standing upright.”

radio star

He added, “Actually, after ‘Mr. Go’, I was offered an animal role in Hollywood. I was thinking about whether I should go to Hollywood with animal acting or act as a human in Korea, then I got to work in Korea.”

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