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“Love Catcher in Bali” Hwang Su-ji turns heads with exuding confidence and an uncanny resemblance to Jang Won-young (IVE)

Hwang Su-ji captures eyes for her amazing physique and unrivaled confidence and self-love. 

On the 16th, a pre-released video of “Love Catcher in Bali” was uploaded on TVING’s YouTube channel where their female cast members of the seasons had strong semblance to many big celebrities of the industry. The first was Kim Hyo-jin who received a lot of attention for her similarity to actress Song Hye-kyo.

After Kim Hyo-jin, Hwang Su-ji also captured eyes with her small, slender face, clear and light complexion and distinct features.

Hwang Su-ji made an upfront confession, “I hear that I look sleazy at first, but I get a lot of dashes from the opposite sex. I hear that I look and feel like Jang Won-young.”

love catcher in bali

When asked what her charming points are, the cast member said confidently, “Should I say just one thing?”, she then answered with an affirmative tone, “Face and body.”

love catcher in bali

She also expressed a sense of confidence by answering, “Eyes? I think it just comes out (naturally)”. With an interest in swimming, Hwang Su-ji surprised viewers and even the hosts with her glamorous figure in a white swimsuit.

love catcher in bali

One of the hosts, Jun Hyun-moo acknowledged her confidence radiating on screen, stating, “She looks like she knows she’s pretty.”

Netizens coming across the video responded positively, “There is a feeling of Jang Won-young”, “She is more like a celebrity ” “She has a feeling of freezia (Single’s Inferno contestant)” and “She is face famous.”

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