‘The Glory’ Kim Hieora wearing unconventional crop top at Lim Ji-yeon’s wedding

Actress Kim Hieora revealed the filming site of ‘The Glory’. 

On the 7th, Kim Hieora said, “Congratulations on Park Yeon-jin’s wedding.~~~ #GikkaParkYeonjin #CongratulatoryMarriage #HaDoyoung”, “It’s Yeonjin’s wedding, and they’re wearing big ribbons”, “I did fitting and went to the shop…”. #Park Yeon-jin’s wedding day” and several photos were uploaded.

the glory

In the shared photo, Kim Hi-ara wears short hair and a crop top to create a neat but stylish look. She then also recorded wedding footage of Lim Ji-yeon, who plays Park Yeon-jin, and Ha Do-young, who plays Jeong Seong-il.

Cha Joo-young left a comment, saying, “Yeonjin is the most beautiful and amazing!!!” #my best friend’s wedding (I’m jealous),” he added.

the glory

Cha Joo-young also praised Kim Hieora, who played the role of Lee Sa-ra, saying, “I fainted because Sara’s clothes are all pretty.” This is because, in ‘The Glory‘, Cha Joo-young plays Choi Hye-jung, the daughter of a laundry caller, who has the lowest rank among the gang.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ is a work that depicts the story of a woman, Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), whose soul was shattered by violence in childhood, meticulously prepared for her desperate revenge and those who fall into the vortex of it.

the glory

Kim Hieora plays Lee Sa-ra in the play. Lee Sa-ra is the daughter and painter of a large church pastor, and at the same time, she is a character addicted to medicine and alcohol, living with pleasure at the center of her life.

Source: Daum

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