Lee Se Young Wins Best Actress at the 50th Korean Broadcast Awards

Lee Se Young has been selected as Best Actress at this year’s Korean Broadcast Awards

On September 4th, Lee Se Young was honored with the award in the Best Actress category at the 50th Korean Broadcast Awards.

Lee Se Young said in her acceptance speech, “During the time when this award was created, actors could only meet viewers through TV broadcasts. Afterward, people began to visit movie theaters, and now they can explore various OTT platforms and internet channels.” 

Lee Se Young Wins Best Actress

She continued, “However, I still believe that broadcasting is not about people searching, subscribing, and looking for content, but rather about reaching out to people first. It is easy and fair for everyone, regardless of their age or where they live.” 

She added, “I think broadcasting stands as the mother of other methods, instead of competing with them.”

She continued, “Receiving this historic award that has continued for 50 years is an honor. Instead of my own thoughts, I want to say that many broadcasters who have dedicated themselves to broadcasting over the years are amazing and remarkable. Please continue to create good programs in the future. I will also meet viewers with good shows.”

Source: Nate

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