G-Dragon shows honest reaction to Jo Se Ho wearing the same clothes as himself

BIGBANG G-Dragon and Jo Se Ho flaunt their friendship “connected by fashion”. 

On October 22nd, BIGBANG G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram story. In the photo, G-Dragon can be seen taking a selfie while wearing a jacket, which comes from a clothing brand run by comedian Jo Se Ho.

jo se ho g-dragon instagram

At the same time, G-Dragon also created a more fashionable look by combining the jacket with a crimson snapback hat and a badge in the shape of his iconic “daisy logo”. 

In the same post, G-Dragon also added photos of Jo Se Ho and tagged the comedian’s Instagram account, adding the caption, “Your outfit is similar to mine”. 

Jo Se-ho G-Dragon

On the other hand, G-Dragon’s group BIGBANG released their single “Still Life” in April, which enjoyed huge success. Meanwhile, Jo Se Ho, who is known for his appearance in the hit entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block”, is running a fashion brand for “short men”.

Source: wikitree

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