Netizens re-examined and praised Lee Se-young’s answer to the question “Don’t you want to play an adult role?” in an old interview

In 1997, this girl made her first step in the entertainment industry at the age of 6.

This girl entered the path of an actor thanks to her mother’s unique idea that if her daughter became a celebrity and appeared on TV, many people would recognize her, and this could help her daughter avoid being kidnapped. With her outstanding acting skills and hard work, this girl recently won the Excellence Award for her role in the drama “The Red Sleeve”.

Lee Se-young interview

This is the story of actress Lee Se-young.

Since people have been used to her image as a child actress, they often think Lee Se-young is still young. In fact, actress Lee Se-young, who was born in 1992, has already grown up to become a 31-year-old lady.

Lee Se-young interview

Is it because of her image as a young actress? In an interview with media outlets in the past, Lee Se-young received the question, “Don’t you want to play an adult role?”. There was also a question asking whether she had any plan to show body-revealing acting in order to remove her child actress image. 

In response, Lee Se-young said, “I’m just 26 years old. If there is no problem in how I digest my characters, I’m satisfied with my young appearance”. She added, “It doesn’t mean I don’t care about the casting but if I only suit that role, that’s enough.”

Lee Se-young interview

Then, Lee Se-young gave a witty and straightforward answer, saying, “Will I look like an adult if I take off my clothes?” In fact, it was an answer that contained Lee Se-young’s sincerity and desire to go on her acting career in her own way. When this interview was brought up to be re-examined, netizens gave applause for Lee Se-young, saying, “She is so Lee Se-young”, “She already proved her words”, “Sexiness on the outside is not important at all”.

Lee Se-young interview

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young also expressed her desire to follow the “right direction” as an actor. She said, “Since acting is the path I will continue to walk on for the rest of my life, I want to go in the right direction even if I go slowly”, adding, “I will never be too greedy and become lazy”.


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