Jeon So-mi vs. Jang Won-young, from I.O.I – IZ*ONE to solo – IVE, “all the top spots are mine!”

Jeon So-mi and Jang Won-young, who were both ranked #1 in the survival audition programs, have continued their activities without falling off from the first place even after their debut. 

Jang Won-young, who won #1 place in “Produce 48” and first debuted as IZ*ONE, made her re-debut with IVE and has been active for about a month. In the meantime, IVE has properly proved its global interest both inside and outside of Korea by achieving the No. 1 spot on music shows only 7 days after its debut.

In addition, IVE has emerged as an icon representing K-Pop’s 4th generation, sweeping the top 10 of music streaming sites in Korea such as Melon, Genie Music, and Bugs Chart, entering the world’s largest music streaming site Spotify’s “Global Top 200” chart, claiming #7 on China’s largest music platform QQ Music’s new song chart, and #5 on its daily chart.

Jeon So-mi, a former No. 1 winner in “Produce 101,” made her solo debut and continues her idol career. Jeon So-mi changed her agency and started as a solo singer after I.O.I‘s activities. She has topped various charts with her single “Dumb dumb” released on August 2nd, 2021, strengthening her position as a trending female solo singer in name and reality.

In October last year, her first full-length album “XOXO” was released. Jeon So-mi said, “My goal ever since I was in middle school has always been to release an album with a musical genre or story I wanted to do. I’m happy now that I’ve finally achieved that dream. I think I’ve gained so many unforgettable memories and moments through this album,” she said.

Jeon So-mi vs. Jang Won-young

▲ “Professional baseball first pitch” that stars must go through.

Jeon So-mi and Jang Won-young, who make their debut as the center of their project girl groups after the audition program, threw the first pitch at the baseball stadium. Their fresh appearance at the beginning of their debut catches everyone’s eye.

Jeon So-mi vs. Jang Won-young

▲ We’re really debuting as a girl group’s member.

Jeon So-mi and Jang Won-young debuted as I.O.I and IZ*ONE.

Jeon So-mi vs. Jang Won-young

▲ School uniform looks good on me too, right?

Jeon So-mi and Jang Won-young, who debuted while they were still students, posed in school uniforms. On the left is Jeon So-mi, who attended the entrance ceremony of Hanlim Entertainment and Arts High School, and on the right is Jang Won-young, who appeared in a school uniform costume for the recording of “Knowing Brother”.

Jeon So-mi vs. Jang Won-young

▲ Jeon So-mi vs Jang Won-young. Who’s prettier?

Jeon Somi and Jang Wonyoung showed off their beauty at entertainment events.

Jeon So-mi vs. Jang Won-young

▲ Re-debut as a solo artist/girl group member.

Jeon So-mi (left) made her solo debut, and Jang Won-young (right) made her re-debut as a member of the girl group IVE.


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