Moments of aespa’s Karina flaunting her visuals next to other famous Kpop female idols

As one of the hottest rookies in K-pop at the moment, aespa always attracts much attention from the public whenever they appear. Among the members, Karina‘s gorgeous visuals are always the focus of attention. Recently, she often shares the same frame with her seniors and receives many compliments for her outstanding appearance.

aespa Karina visuals
The charming visuals of aespa’s leader. 

Recently, aespa attended a signing ceremony for a cooperation project of SM, JYP and FNC Entertainment. AOA’s Seolhyun was also present at the event. Immediately, the moment Karina stood next to her senior Seolhyun drew attention on social media platforms.

aespa Karina visuals
The female idols all wore black outfits.  

AOA’s Seolhyun is famous for her natural and alluring visuals. However, according to some netizens, when standing next to Karina, Seolhyun’s aura is somewhat overshadowed by the graceful charisma of her junior.

aespa Karina visuals
Seolhyun looked a bit pale compared to her junior

Earlier, when Karina showed up in the same frame with SNSD’s Taeyeon on the show Amazing Saturday, she also impressed the viewers with her lovely visuals and elegance. Meanwhile, the leader of SNSD was also praised for looking youthful next to her junior despite their 11-year age difference. 

aespa Karina visuals
SM female idols share the same frame on the show. 

When she first debuted, Karina grabbed much attention because her face was believed to resemble Taeyeon. But in fact, Karina has sharper features. Many netizens think that another member of aespa, Winter, actually looks more like Taeyeon.

aespa Karina visuals

Recently, the SM rookie once caused a buzz when standing next to ITZY’s Ryujin. When the two performed at Music Core, Ryujin took the initiative to approach Karina’s side and talk with her. When two female idols appeared in the same frame, netizens were amazed by their visuals.

aespa Karina visuals

Both of them are the centers that possess outstanding visuals of the 4th generation. Ryujin and Karina’s photo together becomes even more attractive when people realize their different auras.  While Ryujin exudes a cool vibe, Karina looks gorgeous and beautiful.

Also through meeting with Ryujin, Karina received many compliments for her outstanding and attractive beauty. Because of that, the appearance of the aespa leader at any event attracts the public’s attention. 

aespa Karina visuals
aespa Karina visuals

Not only that, the achievements that Karina and aespa have achieved in music are also very respectable.  With the potential of all 4 girls and the high investment from the company, many netizens predict that in the future, the SM rookie will continue to “stir up” the Korean music market.


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