“200,000 won per seat” Concert ticket price is skyrocketing

Criticism continues over the price of concert tickets. The price once raised does not go down. All burdens are borne by consumers.

Recently, the news of the world tour of ENHYPEN, a group belonging to HYBE LABELS, was reported. The ticket price is 198,000 won for VIP seats and 154,000 won for general seats. This is an increase of 20,000~60,000 won compared to last year’s concert ticket price of 132,000 won. It is the same as Seventeen and TXT’s price.

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The fandom has been criticizing HYBE’s sky-high concert ticket price. The ticket price is rising steeply every year. BTS faced criticism last year when they raised the ticket price to 200,000 won while holding a concert at the Olympic Main Stadium. The concert cost 220,000 won/VIP seat and 165,000 won/general seat.

There is also controversy over the price of tickets for online concerts. The online live streaming price of BTS Suga’s solo concert, which was revealed on June 5th, is 110,000 won. After COVID-19, it became customary to pay online streaming prices while conducting non-face-to-face concerts and set a high price.

In addition, HYBE mentioned “dynamic pricing”. Dynamic pricing refers to a system in which ticket prices fluctuate based on demand. Looking at the situation in which the ticket power of HYBE’s artists is rising, the ticket price can eventually rise further.

It’s not just HYBE. YG Entertainment’s girl group BLACKPINK held a concert in October last year and sold platinum seats containing special goods. The price was 264,000 won, which was much higher compared to 154,000 won for regular seats.

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SM and JYP Entertainment are selling all seats for 154,000 won. However, it is an expensive amount compared to the price of concert tickets before COVID-19, which was in the early 100,000 won range.

Considering additional expenses such as transportation and food expenses, the burden will grow like a snowball. In particular, for fans living in rural areas, the accommodation fee must also be calculated. This is causing dissatisfaction among fans. Besides, considering that fandoms’ main age group is 10s~20s, it is bound to be a big burden.

Source: TV Report

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