The Weeknd praises BLACKPINK Jennie and Lily-Rose Depp

Lead actor and producer of “The Idol”, The Weeknd, reveals his thoughts on BLACKPINK Jennie and Lily-Rose Depp.

In an interview with Apple, The Weeknd mentioned his two female co-stars in the TV series “The Idol”: BLACKPINK Jennie and Lily-Rose Depp. the singer spoke highly of the two actresses as well as their bonds on the set of the series.

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When speaking of Jennie, the male singer said she is an essential element to the series because she “understands [the entertainment] world”.

A lot of these musicians, like myself, are non-actors, and we all understand the world. … We’re all tapping into a place. And I think Jennie does it incredibly well on the show. I’m really proud of her”, the “Starboy” singer shared.

At the same time, the “Die For You” singer also showed a strong sense of pride in Lily. He said, “Lily is singing, Lily is dancing, and she worked. She is all over the album”.

the idol

The actor also added, after hours of filming at his house, they went down to the studio that he set up in his basement to work on music. He believed that was a “luxury” not many could experience.

Previously, Lily-Rose Depp also reserved praise for her co-star, affirming he was able to pull off a role not everyone could do.

In the series, Lily-Rose Depp was a troubled pop star, Jocelyn. The Weeknd plays Tedros, a famous musician and modern-day cult leader full of mystery and dread.

At the moment, “The Idol” is the talk of the town around the world. As The Weekend admitted, the series is “controversial”. In reality, the HBO show comes across waves of criticism for an excess of explicit scenes that disturbed viewers.

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