5 girl groups whose contracts will expire in 2022: Only 2 are expected to renew

The other 3 groups are unlikely to continue their journey together. 

2022 is less than a week away! While many people are looking forward to the new year with hopes for more good things, for some Kpop fans, 2022 might be the year of saying goodbye to some of their favorite girl groups. In 2021, GFRIEND and Lovelyz announced their disbandment, a member of MAMAMOO left the company, a member of LABOUM confirmed her departure from the group, etc. Similar situations are likely to repeat in the future. In the upcoming year, many girl groups will be due to make a decision on whether they will continue their journey together under the same current management company.

CLC (Cube Entertainment)

Debut: March 2015

CLC is the girl group with the earliest contract expiration on this list, and they are also a special case where even fans do not have high expectations for the girls to extend their contracts together. The fact that Choi Yujin competed in “Girls Planet 999” and is preparing to debut for the second time with Kep1er, while 2 members Elkie and Sorn who have left the group one by one, makes many netizens believe that it is almost certain that CLC will disband once their contract with Cube comes to an end.

Oh My Girl (WM Entertainment)

Debut: April 2015

Right after CLC only 1 month, Oh My Girl will also expire her contract with the management company.  According to some information, 5/7 members have extended their contracts until 2025, while Jiho and Mimi have yet to make a decision.  However, considering that Oh My Girl is currently doing very well after the success of “Queendom” and 2 hits “Nonstop” as well as “Dun Dun Dance“, many people believe that there is no reason for the members not to continue to go together.


Debut: August 2015

Since the bullying scandal broke out, the name APRIL has almost completely disappeared in K-pop, although before that they were still very active in both individual and group’s activities.  In addition, the majority of Korean public opinion sided with Lee Hyun Joo and turned their back on APRIL, causing many people to begin to speculate that it would be difficult for this girl group to continue working in the future.

DIA (MBK Entertainment)

Debut: September 2015

Although DIA debuted in 2015, not all members will have their contracts expired in 2022 because the group has gone through many lineup changes.  However, considering that DIA hasn’t had any activities together for quite a while, netizens are beginning to fear that the group will come to an unhappy ending.

TWICE (JYP Entertainment)

Debut: October 2015

TWICE will be the name with the latest contract expiration of these when they still have about 1 year left. Even though TWICE has gone past its peak, TWICE is still doing very well, as evidenced by their significant album sales and super fast sold-out concerts’ tickets. Therefore, fans think that JYP will not easily give up their “golden egg”, especially when TWICE’s following idol groups have not really had a stable position.

Which of the above 5 girl groups do you think will renew their contracts and continue working together?


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