This flower boy of Produce X101 is criticized for being talentless

Kim Mingyu is criticized for lack of dancing skill, and no stage aura in his newest fancam.

On May 21st, Mnet uploaded the fancams of PRODUCE X101 trainees during their group evaluation. Kim Mingyu is a famous trainee with 70.000 views on his fancam on Naver TVCast after just a few hours. Kim Mingyu’s group performed the song “The 7th Sense” of NCT U. This is a song with difficult choreography which required the SM idols to practice for 1 whole month, while the PRODUCE X101 trainees only have a few days to choose the song and practice.

The audience is saying that this fancam exposes all weakness of this male trainee. Mingyu’s dancing skill is still weak, and his moves are very stiff. This Jellyfish trainee made many mistakes during his performance and didn’t have any special aura on stage. His visual is indeed popular, but his talent is very debatable.

Mingyu’s visual is attractive but his skill is still not enough.

Korean netizens are saying that “Only his face is good”, and he doesn’t deserve the current high ranking. Many comments are expressing that: “He received that much vote just because he is handsome”, “I admit that Mingyu is handsome but that is not enough to debut”,…

However, fans are debating that Kim Mingyu has improved a lot during a short time of practice, and his performing skill is much more better now. From class X, he got upgraded to class D. Also, Mingyu is complimented by the trainers on his hard-working and enthusiastic attitude during class.

Kim Mingyu is currently a nominee for the center position of PRODUCE X101. The male trainee always appeared in the top 3 thanks to his large fanbase.

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