Mnet under fire for inserting G-Dragon’s face into Seungri’s picture

In the video reporting on G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Mnet intentionally took Seungri’s segment and replaced him with the leader’s face.

Although YG has allowed artists to appear on Mnet programs, the relationship between the two parties seems to be not close.  The reason comes from the fact that Mnet has repeatedly disrespected the company’s artists.  This time, the station caused controversy regarding G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and former member SeungriOn June 3, Mnet uploaded a video about idols who have to pay high tuition fees.  G-Dragon is one of them.  In elementary and middle school more than 20 years ago, he had to pay even higher tuition fees than now.


The appearance of this newsletter quickly attracted the attention of netizens.  Besides admiring the wealth of G-Dragon’s family, fans are also outraged by Mnet’s impolite actions.

Specifically, in the video, the program chooses segments of BIGBANG’s MV Sober to illustrate.  Worth mentioning, Mnet took a scene of Seungri, then inserted G-Dragon’s face.  Maybe Seungri had left YG, announced his retirement so his image is no longer freely used for profit purposes.


Besides, in the “Sober” MV, Seungri made a lot of money splashing segments, this may also be the reason why Mnet intentionally inserted G-Dragon’s face to show the male idol’s wealth.

It is disrespectful to use this person’s image and insert another’s face.  Even though Seungri is no longer an artist of YG, V.I.Ps still protected him.  Moreover, the leader of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, is an influential character in the K-pop industry, Mnet has to respect his image.


This is not the first time that the BIGBANG member’s image has been treated badly by the broadcaster.  At the Seoul Music Awards 2020, BIGBANG won the Legend Grand Prize category.  Because the group did not directly receive the award, the organizers showed the old clip when BIGBANG received the Daesang on the SMA stage.

Worth mentioning, in the broadcasted segments, the station intentionally blurred the faces of Seungri and T.O.P even though they had beautiful and memorable moments.

Mnet’s video of G-Dragon is still the talk of the town.  With this careless way of working, it must be difficult for Mnet to make up with the YG family.

Source: Yan

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